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Heavenly God, full of grace

Bless my boyfriend’s sexy face

Bless his hair the way it curls

Keep him away from other girls

Bless his little nose and toes

And keep him safe wherever he goes

Bless his arms so big and strong

Help him keep them where they belong

Bless his eyes that shine like stars

And keep his mind on me and cars

Bless his body the way it smells

If my dad finds out, he’ll give me hell

I tell u lord he isn’t shy

He’s got his faults but so do I

Bless him lord BECAUSE HE IS MY GUY


(credit: lovequotes)

Go where the love is

Go where the love is

Some people are going to love you for who you are . No matter where you’re from. They will accepting you, your strength,weaknesses, qualities, flaws/faults, your everything. Basically, for who yo are. . And some people will never love you no matter what you do. It’s kinda bitter truth of life…. 🙂

Kabhi to samajh le tu…

Kabhi to samajh le tu…

मेरी ज़ुबानी, शब्दो की उड़ान

This is a short poem, where Radha tries to tell Lord Krishna that all that she wants from him is Love.

The poem goes as follows.

She says, people often fail to understands words, at-least you try and understand my feelings.

No combination of words can express my feelings for you.

Though I have not made any mistake, still I am a criminal for the world.

Try to understand the pain in my silence.

Its love only that I except from you not any diamonds or pearls.

There is nothing in this world that is more loving for me, than your Love.

kabhi to samajhle tu

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Radha se kanha bole…

Radha se kanha bole…

Eternal love of “Radha-Krishna”… I hope, I’ll find my Krishan kanhaiya soon.. 🙂

मेरी ज़ुबानी, शब्दो की उड़ान

Radha se kanha bole

For all those who don’t understand hindi, the main aspect of this poem is to focus on the values of relationships that are lost today in this materialistic world. There is a small comparison between the Eternal love of “Divine Radha-Krishna” and the love between this generation couples. If anyone needs the English version of the poem, please let me know.

radha se kanha bole_wm

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