For God’s sake it’s not ‘laatoh ko bhaasha’

There is only one language that I have learnt other than Nepali since childhood. And that’s Sign Language. It’s my dad who taught me to talk using signs. I love learning different languages. Even on facebook and twitter, I have some friends who teach me their mother tongue & secondary language. I have (only) learnt to say “hi-hello” in gujrati, marathi, bengali, urdu and punjabi so far. :D…haha… I’m still learning.

Sign language is all about practice. I haven’t become perfect yet as I’m still learning.  So, practice, practice and practice….  For me, learning A, B, C, D in sign was much easier than learning Nepali alphabets (Nepali Varnamala– A, Aa, E, E, Ka, Kha, Ga). Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn. You can! But that depends on how fast you catch the words. It took me almost one week to get those Varnamalas.

Sometimes, my sister and me used to talk in sign language whne we had to share a secret so that others around us wouldn’t understand. And, if teachers were around and we had something very important to share, we talked in sign.  So, we have lots of memories.

Wanna learn sign language?  Ok then, let’s start with A, B, C, D……. I thought I’ll post a video but most were protected by copyright, so I posted this picture. Hope it will help you.



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