Men will always be men; no matter what!

The weather was awesome- little breezy but romantic. Maybe it was the pre-monsoon effect. I loved the wind blowing through my hair. Anyways, I was still walking and was only some steps away from entering the main gate of our office. Then, a passerby whistled at me. Not actually whistle but made some weird whistle kind of sound- like those silly school/college boys do to tease girls. Ya! That’s exactly what he (passerby) did. I found it very disgusting and insulting. I am not that kinda person who smiles or winks to strangers when they whistle or make some nasty/yuck gestures.

I got angry. I stopped and turned. He (passerby) also turned and looked at me (he was just 10-12 steps away).. I wondered if he was the same person who whistled.  Yes!, he was the same man. I was shocked to see what I saw. That man was of the same age as my grandfather. He (passerby) was of my grandfather’s age. I would have greeted him” Namaskar”and he would call me Naatini (granddaughter) if we were relatives. Highlight this- HE WAS OF MY GRANDFATHER’S AGE. I was blank for a second. I would have slapped him if he wasn’t that old.  He had white hair, white mustache, and was carrying a bag full of veggies. The only word I shouted was “THARKI BUDDHHA”. That’s exactly what he was –A Tharki Buddhha. A girl who was standing there smile at me when I shouted that word. I don’t know if she understood the meaning because such word is not so common in Nepal. I know it’s a very slang word but he deserved it.

I narrated the whole thing to my mom after reaching home. She laughed at me. Not only mom, even my sister laughed at me. And I yelled- Tharki  Buddhha.



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