Festive Mood

I am quite sure everybody out there has some childhood memories related to Dashain.  Everyone remembers food, dakshina(money) , family gathering, and what not! All those mouth-watering dishes, the fun and joy of being with all relatives whom you haven’t met since ages, blessings and lots of daskshina(money) I still remember the excitement of collecting more and more money (dakshina) from the elders and going to Mamaghar (Maternal uncle’s home) to show it to my grandma. I never understood why going to Mamaghar made me so excited. Grandma used to make Sel-Roti for me every time I visited her as I was her favourite granddaughter. Those were the best Sel-Roti in the whole world, trust me on this! I used to fly kite with my cousin brothers and enjoy bamboo swing with cousin sisters. Once I fell off the swing and ended up hurting myself really badly. Thank god, grandma didn’t scold me. My grandma  is no more with us but I have lots of good memories about her. I still remember the stories she told me, lullabies which she sang for me, and Sel-Roti! Now, whenever I visit Mamaghar, my Maiju makes Sel-Roti on behalf of my grandma.


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