Who says you can’t enjoy an event alone? I did!

The Himalayan Times‘, English daily, had organized International Food Fest 2014 at Gokarna Resort last Saturday. Organizers had arranged two passes for each so that people can bring their lovers/spouse with them. Neither had I had a lover nor a spouse. So, I was alone.  My friends were there for sometime but they left early. I was all alone.

Then the actual fun started. I met my office colleagues there.  We went to try some cuisines of Kerala. Kerala Café served some dishes which were peculiar to Kerala.  They served it in an authentic way. I was impressed!!! I had Dosa .Sometimes I feel, I can spend my whole life eating Dosa(s) only. Other stalls served chicken items and I’m vegetarian.

You see! Sometimes it’s a very awkward feeling to be a vegetarian. No wonder I feel proud to be a vegetarian but still… It gets on my nerve when I don’t see verities of veg. item in events. Chicken, mutton everywhere!! That’s why I don’t attend many events and parties. You get the ‘odd one out’ kinda feeling with people who eat non-veg. Also if you don’t booze, people make you feel as if you’re an alien from some other planet. They ignore you and I hate it.

Back to topic, I had Masala Dosa there. I would love to learn how to make Dosa. I have a facebook friend from Tamilnadu (Cuttack). Once I told her how much I love Dosa. Now every week she sends me pictures of Dosa she made that week. 😀  I have requested her to teach me the authentic and traditional way of preparing Dosa someday.  (Please teach me if you know!)

I wanted to try every single thing there. After petpooja, I saw some kids with tattoos on their cheeks! Wow, face painting. I ran towards the stall. I requested one of those tattoo artists to paint a small butterfly on my right cheek. Some of my colleagues said it was very childish of me. But that’s Ok! I didn’t mind at all. J  I liked the Golas(Kala khatta). I though you only get them near beaches in India. But I was wrong. Sujata and her friends accompanied me here.

Basically, I was roaming around, talking to almost all of my colleagues there. Hmmm, I am learning to socialize and that’s good right?

Anyways, the game stalls were closed by then. I was hoping one of my favourite bands (1974 AD) to sing my favourite song ‘Pahilo Junima’ but they didn’t as it was already 6. Along with the finance team, I waited for almost an hour for the office van to arrive and drop us..  Reached office at 8:00 and home after 10:00 that day.

So much fun, indeed!!! 🙂  🙂  🙂


Keep Smiling!!


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