‘Or should I find a guy for you’?


‘Don’t you think you should get married now? Should I find a guy for you?’, asked my cousin sister after I passed Grade-10. I didn’t know how to react to it. I had just passed ‘the iron gate ‘ (SLC) when she raised this ‘ANNOYING’ topic. I was irked, literally irked. I don’t know why this cousin sister of mine is after my marriage? She got married at the age of 17/18 doesn’t mean everybody should get marriage at the same age as hers.  I was just 16/17 years old then. I am 20 years old now and she is still after my marriage

. m4

Why I’m writing this is I’m tired of this over-rated topic ‘MARRIAGE’. It’s not that I’ll never marry, I will. But only when the right time comes, when I’ll find someone with whom I would want to spend the rest of my life with. But before that, my answer is a big NO!! I don’t have a problem with marriage. I’m totally aware of this sacred relationship. It is, of course, the most special relation and closest bond one shares. But, I’m not ready yet.


C’mon people, grow up!! I’m just 20.

In context of Nepal, when a daughter passes high school (best if is doing her Bachelor’s degree) , relatives start to worry about her marriage. I have 19 cousins (all together) and most of them are married by now. Some of them got married after high-school, and rest are still unmarried. Yesterday, we (me, my sister, mom, cousin brother and my mom’s younger sister) were talking about this wedding season as someone in our neighbor was getting married. And amidst the talk, my sister (Sri. ) dropped the bombshell.

Sri: This was supposed to be a secret but I think now I can tell you. Cousin sister had seen a guy for you. He was a doctor.”.*

Me: What the hell are you talking about??       m7

Sri: Remember when our aunt was hospitalized, there was a doctor in the hospital you passed the comment on? The one you didn’t like! He was the one.

Me: How do you know? Who told you? Why didn’t you tell me then?? Bla bla bla..

Sri: Chill babes!  I had promised her I won’t so didn’t tell you. This is natural, so don’t overreact.

Me: *blank*

Me: (took a deep breathe and said, “Keep calm dear! i’m waiting for my Mr. Right) —

I didn’t even know some of my relatives were seeing a guy for me and that too without letting me know? without my consent?  What?? She is concerned about me; that’s really sweet. But, finding a guy without my consent is not what I expected!!

I was really upset.


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