Letter to you! Yes you can…


Dear Monica,

All okay bachha??    I know you’re hurt. Please stop caring for people so much (just ignore and move on).  Stop getting so attached to them. See! You were so happy since morning, smiling all day and now look at you. Why are you sad??

See! You care so much for people around you.  They don’t give a damn and you always end up getting hurt.

Sweetie, why don’t you understand, you have no right to tell people what to do and what not as they are mature enough to decide for themselves.  Even though your heart says something and your head says sth else. You need to have control over your emotions.

But please dear! Stop caring so much for people even if you don’t matter so much to them. If you would matter, they wouldn’t hurt you.

So, my love, please mind your own business and you’ll be happy.

HAPPY NEW YEAR MY LOVE! Just Stick to your New Year resolution and you’ll be happy.

New year, New beginning and A NEW YOU!!! Be better than you were yesterday.

Change for better!  🙂  *Hugs*


Much love

Your well wisher,



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