ABC- He Is ‘THE’ character

Water bottle in my hand, listening to some soulful/soothing music, sitting in front of my office desktop, I look around…  So many people and so many different characters I see and get to meet everyday… Some are really sweet, some are friendly, some are mean (but that really doesn’t matter for me whatsoever)

The 1st one:

ABC— He is a character, he is THE character. Yep, we call him ABC. I find this character very depressing and sometimes too funny. 😂😂😂😂 … He is always upto something. He is the one who has got the utmost problem with my works or ummm, my way of doing works, so far.

He wears spectacles and sees through over his glass frame… 👽👓 👽👓

looking over glasses

Everytime he complains, “MY ADMINISTRATION IS NOT GOOD.” Sometimes, he says,” Girl, it’s been 6 months that we haven’t got our reimbursement, YOUR ADMINISTRATION IS NOT GOOD!! The other day he says,”Hey girl! I need to install antivirus on my laptop. The system department is not responding. Argh! “YOUR ADMINISTRATION IS NOT GOOD”.

Once he asked for a big notepad to cover daily events and issues. But our office had bought the normal one, with no office name mentioned on the cover.

So he said, “I wanted a small notepad and a pocket diary! You brought these big notepads??  Ummm, YOUR ADMINISTRATION IS NOT GOOD!! And the other day, when I brought another small notepad for him, ABC said, “Umm, you brought these small diaries? Big notepads are much easier to write. Girl, YOUR ADMINISTRATION IS NOT GOOD!”

Just few minutes ago, he was trying to write something on the white board. But, what he wrote could not be wiped off. He screamed my name saying;

ABC: Hey ……. , This marker is not writing properly. I can’t erase it either. Where’s the wiper??

(Everytime I bring wipers and keep them near the white board, he wipes the board and doesn’t even remember where he kept it later. He has lost 2 board wipers till the date since …. )

Me: *’Now-what- kind-of-feeling😒 😒 * (I tore a newspaper and gave it to him) Try this.

ABC: This doesn’t wipe off.

Me: Umm, it does. (In school, we used to wipe things written on the white board using newspaper, especially when the teacher forgot to bring board wipers with them.)

ABC: This marker is not good. It doesn’t even write. I can’t wipe off what I just wrote. 😠😡😤😖

Me: *Argh!!!😠😠😠* (So, I went to the administration department and brought a new marker for him) (I, myself, wrote sth and wiped off using the same newspaper.) markr

ABC: Did it wipe off? 😒 😒

Me: Yes. (I tried to wipe the things he had written earlier using the previous marker. But I couldnot wipe it off.)  [Later I knew it was a permanent marker.)

Me: This is a permanent marker.

ABC: Permanent marker? Now what shall I do? Can’t I wipe off these craps that I just wrote?? 😾👺👹

Me: Umm, No?! 😏 😏

ABC: No? Not even by water? Can’t I use water to rub these?

Me: *ROFL* Water? Really, Dai? Water doesn’t wipe the things written by a PERMANENT MARKER! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

ABC: Really? It doesn’t? 😾👺👹 Now what can I do? How I can wipe these?😡😤😖😡😤😖

Me: (After coming back to my chair, sitting in front of the same old desktop with water in my hand)

Me: *ROFL* Buurrhahahahaha hahahahahah        hahahhahhahha… Hahahhahahhahha  😂😂😸😸


(Diwkr dai was watching all these.. He IMed 💬 me saying, ” Ask him to bring ‘A BOTTLE OF WATER’ everyday to wipe board.. hahahha)