Rising from the ashes

The Things We Leave Behind

The things we leave behind disappear from our lives — but not the world. This week, make one of them the centerpiece of your post.


“Nothing in this world is permanent, every thing is temporary.  Even earth is temporary. Only SKY is permanent,” he had said once.

The whole line struck my mind seeing this topic.–

Standing near the window with a cup of coffee in hand, I try to feel the downpour. I see a green grassy field inside the compound of an army barrack. I find peace in the sound of rain.

I take a deep breathe.

All random things cross my mind; life, love, family, job, career, friendship… memories.

I feel Memories are the best thing we live with and leave behind. Happy ones and not-so-happy ones.

Enjoying the first sip of coffee, I recall some memories. So much has happened in these 22 years.

A 10-year-old normal happy-go-lucky child had lost her smile.

In the age, where kids of similar age get all the love and demands fulfilled, she had to go through a broken childhood and a broken family.

The age when fairy tales, white horse and dream of price charming seem real, this girl had to go through the worst reality and see the true colours of people. To her, fairy tales were all lies, neither prince charming existed nor they came riding a white horse..

All she had was a broken childhood, a faded smile, a broken family, worst relatives, the lost innocence (= not virginity but back-stabbed by so-called-own people).

10 years on, she has everything, The family that was broken due to ‘unwanted family politics’ has come together. She has a happy-go-lucky family, her parents and her sister. Her smile is back. She is showered with love and care. A very supportive family and lovely friends.  She is still working on her career. What more to ask for?

And, the Prince charming?? 🙂 He will find her someday 🙂

This is what I want to leave—happy memories, happy heart, twinkle in their eyes, a pleasant smile and a better world to live in —



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Thank You!

Thank You!

Thank you for ruining my childhood, I would never really learn to grow up..

Thank you for all those tears, I would have never learned the true meaning of happiness and relationships..

Thank you for all those humilations & dominations, I would never learn to bounce back again..

Thank you for the darkness, I would never have searched for the light..

Thank you for the tight slap on my face, I would never get to see the unmasked face..

Thank you for turning my childhood into ashes, I would never learn to rise like a Phoenix..

Thank you for destroying the prince charming,white horse and fairy-tale kind of dreams…

Thank you for the tight-slap on an innocent 10-year-old minor’s face, SHE would have never realised the real , unmasked face of people living in this ruthless world..

Thank you for being the reason of my DEPRESSION ,  thank you for all the negativity, thank you for all those cruel, worst happening and tortures… 

Without these, I would have never been what I ‘m today…  happy, stronger, hopeful, determined and positive. . 

Afterall, RAM would never be ‘RAM’ without RAVAN



Cost-free opinions

A Piece of Advice

This week’s challenge brings out the positive: tell us about a piece of advice you’ve received — and would like to share with others.


I get such advice every day. No matter what I do, people start giving advice for free of cost.

And, it completely depends on you if you’re ready to listen, accept and implement those advices in your life.



Here are some of my favourite ones:

  • Being mean is really easy.. Kill them with kindness
  • You never look good trying to make someone else look bad
  • Positivity attracts positivity, so stay positive.
  • Never hurt anyone.
  • Use your smile to change the world but never let the world change your smile.
  • Life is about enjoying every sunset n looking forward to the next sunrise. Keep Smiling and never stop believing in HOPE because miracles happen every day!


And this one is by me and it’s my favourite one

No matter how old you grow, never let go of your inner child. 👼 Live a life full of excitement and wonder 💕 Stay Happy… Stay Blessed 😇