Thank You!

Thank you for ruining my childhood, I would never really learn to grow up..

Thank you for all those tears, I would have never learned the true meaning of happiness and relationships..

Thank you for all those humilations & dominations, I would never learn to bounce back again..

Thank you for the darkness, I would never have searched for the light..

Thank you for the tight slap on my face, I would never get to see the unmasked face..

Thank you for turning my childhood into ashes, I would never learn to rise like a Phoenix..

Thank you for destroying the prince charming,white horse and fairy-tale kind of dreams…

Thank you for the tight-slap on an innocent 10-year-old minor’s face, SHE would have never realised the real , unmasked face of people living in this ruthless world..

Thank you for being the reason of my DEPRESSION ,  thank you for all the negativity, thank you for all those cruel, worst happening and tortures… 

Without these, I would have never been what I ‘m today…  happy, stronger, hopeful, determined and positive. . 

Afterall, RAM would never be ‘RAM’ without RAVAN




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