The ‘Nepal Yatayat’ सफर

One gets to travel in every sex position in Nepal Yatayat. I wonder why the bus is always so crowded. 

I wish Kamadev would travel in Yatayat someday.
Instead of some thousands of positions, the deities would immediately increase the number to almost triple of what they had discovered then; just by observing the ‘hanging’ crowd and annoyed seated ones.

Sometimes I think, even if a vehicle company makes a ‘YATAYAT’ bus with length x width x height = 1,47,181 sq km, some 5/6 people would still be hanging at the entrance.

So today, after my office was over, I reached the Anamnagar chok and waited for the Yatayat to arrive. After 5 minutes, a bus stopped in front of me and luckily, nobody was hanging at the door.

I breathed a sigh of relief and got on the bus. It was still crowded. Do you know who are the luckiest people on Earth? No? Well, the ones who get a seat in the crowded Yatayat. And, I was never one of them 😀
The bus had just moved few seconds when 4/5 men got in.

Here in Nepal, we don’t have ‘bus station’. You never need one. Why? Because the bus driver stops the vehicle whenever you stretch your hand forward (and shake sometimes 😀 ).
So, one of those men stood beside me and the other one with his bag stood facing the opposite direction. I could feel his keyring (hung in the bag ) poking the back of my neck but didn’t bother.

I am the kind of person who hates even the edge of a cleanly ironed Men’s shirt poking me. No, no. I am not a lesbo (#noOffence , with all due respect to the LGBT community). It’s just that I have a really bad impression on men since childhood. I don’t trust them easily!

So, these four/five men got in. The situation was like that of gundruk khaadeko. One’s elbow was leaning on my left shoulder. The other’s was poking my right ears. I was pisses off but chose to say nothing.  And then there was this woman, who seemed to be in her late 40s. The side of my bag was ruining her hairdo. So she was constantly pushing my bag and looking at me with all the fireballs in her eyes. 

(ps: This is not related to abuse)

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