To my Krishan Kanhaiya…

I have a huge faith in Lord Krishna (Kanhaji). I even tie Rakhi to him (his statue) on Rakshyabandha day. I have grown up watching those mythological shows and listening to his karnamas/stories. The best part about those stories (about Kanha) is his love for Radha Rani/ Radha. Radha used to get jealous whenever Kanha flirted with other Gopis. Her jealousy showed how much she loved him. How possessive she was


Well, something like that is happening with me now-a-days. Strange! Precious Smile is getting jealous??!! OMG!!  😀 Anyways……

I had always thought, if I’ll have someone special in my life, I’ll call him my Krishan Kanhaiya. He’ll be mine and only mine. Today someone asked me about my Krishan Kanhaiya. I just smiled.

Few days ago, I had written something imagining him (my Krishan Kanhaiya). I know it’s not good enough but still straight from the heart.


This one goes my Krishan Kanhaiya in my style 😉


Bas ek baar hamara naam dilse pukar kar toh dekho

Kabhi hamari ankho main ankhain daal kar toh dekho

Na dikha mohobbat tumhe toh bata dena,

Lekin pehele hatho main haath thaam kar toh dekho.





The sky is crying



It’s drizzling outside,

Maybe, the sky is crying…

I wanna get drenched in this rain,

Hear what my heart wants to say

scream (in happiness) and tell everyone

How much I love you,

How much I miss you,

But I’m helpless, I can’t

because you don’t give a hoot,

Sky knows my pain,

That’s why, to console me, it cried even harder…


[PS: It was drizzling outside. I was standing by the window and watching rainfall. Then, something crossed my mind and this is what I wrote.I don’t know if this is a poem or can be one. But it’s just a random thought that crossed my mind].  🙂